ABC Rural: Carbon storage business threatens to pull out of WA amid policy shortfall

A carbon farming businessman is threatening to take $100 million worth of rangelands regeneration projects away from WA unless the state's policies on carbon are changed.

Goldfields Carbon Group managing director Andrew White said uncertainty around carbon credits and permitted land use has meant he is looking to take his Goldfields and Pilbara projects to the NT and Queensland.

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Countryman: Pastoralists petition for carbon farming

By Rueben Hale, The Countryman, 2 March 2017.

A group of WA rangelands pastoralists has signed a petition calling on the future State Government to support the development of a carbon farming industry in WA’s outback.

The petition, signed by 40 people, is being sent to party candidates and MPs in key regional seats, such as the Pilbara, in advance of the election.

Petition organiser Jason Hastie, from Pingandy Station in the Upper Gascoyne, said a recent report outlining the potential of carbon farming in WA found the Federal Government’s Carbon Farming Initiative could provide millions of dollars of new income to rangelands pastoralists and restore productivity to long-degraded lands in WA.

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Pilbara News: Carbon farming a boon to pastoralists

By Tom Zaunmayr, Pilbara News, 21 December 2016, page 13.

Rangelands pastoralists would be in line for large financial benefits if they took up the practice of carbon farming, according to a new study released into the practice.

The Carbon and Rangelands Policy working group found carbon farming — storing carbon in soil and vegetation and selling credits on the carbon market — could be worth up to $200,000 a year to the average southern rangelands pastoralist.

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The Weekend West: Rangelands carbon role urged

A new report prepared by the Carbon and Rangelands Policy Working Group has found that carbon farming could be worth almost $200,000 each year to the average pastoral lease in the southern rangelands.

The report garnered media coverage in The Weekend West's business pages - read the full article below.

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Science Network WA: Drones create 3D maps to demonstrate carbon storage

The Outback Carbon Farming Conference has generated much discussion about the future of carbon farming in WA.

Two presenters at the conference, Simon Abbott and Russell Teede, spoke to Science Network WA recently about the potential of using drone technology to measure carbon stored in Western Australia's rangelands.

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ABC Radio National: Could carbon farming be the future for WA's rangelands region?

ABC Radio National reporter Claire Nichols attended the Outback Carbon Farming Conference and spoke to pastoralist Jason Hastie as part of a report on the future of WA's rangelands. 

Click to hear the full story, which also includes interviews with WA Minister for Lands Terry Redman, David Mackenzie from Pew Charitable Trusts, and the Pastoralist and Graziers Association WA President Tony Seabrook.

ABC Country Hour: Thursday 18 August 2016

ABC Country Hour's Richard Hudson attended the Outback Carbon Farming Conference and spoke to a number of speakers and delegates to hear their views on the future of carbon farming in WA's Outback.

Click through to ABC Country Hour's website to hear interviews with Peter Castellas (CEO, Carbon Market Institute), Scott Girdler (Special Counsel, Clayton Utz), Sandra Eckert (General Counsel, Department of Lands), Tom Jackson (Pastoralist, Austin Downs Station) and John Dunne (Pastoralist, Remlap Station). The coverage runs for the first 22 minutes of the program.

The West Australian: Carbon farm backer in push for new policy

By Brad Thompson, The West Australian, 17 August 2016

The West Australian turned its attention to carbon farming on the morning of the Outback Carbon Farming Conference, talking to speakers and co-hosts, Kent Broad from Carbon Neutral and Scott Girdler from law firm Clayton Utz.

Both Kent and Scott believe the WA Government needs to develop strong policies to allow for the expansion of the carbon farming sector in WA's Outback.

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