Conference Program & Summary


David Hodgkinson:

International climate change politics and what the Paris Agreement means for Australia.

Peter Castellas:

Australia’s approach to carbon policy and markets

Scott Girdler:

Regulation of carbon sequestration in the Western Australian rangelands

Rhys Davies:

Carbon farming and Native Title - implications and opportunities

Peter Russell:

Carbon in the Western Australian Outback - understanding the science

Simon Abbot and Russell Teede:

 New techniques for measuring carbon in 3D using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle imagery

Mark Alchin:

The economic potential of carbon sequestration in WA’s rangelands

Harley Lacy:

The social and environmental dimensions of carbon farming

Sam Anderson:

The on-ground experience of carbon farming in other states

Richard Glover:

How to manage your landscape for Carbon

Kent Broad:

The reality of a carbon farming business in WA – lessons learnt and insights for the future

David Mackenzie:

Key obstacles to carbon farming in WA's Rangelands

Photos: Outback Carbon Farming Conference 2016