Kent Broad

Session: The reality of a carbon farming business in WA – lessons learnt and insights for the future

Kent is a founding director of Carbon Neutral Pty Ltd, a privately owned company that specialises in revegetating degraded areas of the Western Australian wheatbelt with a biodiverse mix of endemic native species. Having grown up in the Mid West region as a farmer and pastoralist for over 35 years, Kent has a long term vision and passion to revitalise rural Australia by providing environmental, social, economic and heritage solutions. This includes creating employment opportunities and participation for local indigenous people and recognition of Traditional Owners. Jointly responsible for successfully developing and establishing more than 10,000 ha of biodiverse revegetation carbon projects within the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor, Kent is now expanding his role through business development. With an in-depth understanding of the Australian and International carbon market and the low carbon economy, Kent encourages businesses to de-carbonise whilst not compromising sustainable growth.

Kent is a director of the Northern Agricultural Catchments Council (NACC), a non-profit organisation supporting people to support the natural environment. MLM Curtin Business School.

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