Harley Lacy

Session: The social and environmental dimensions of carbon farming

Harley Lacy has worked in Agriculture, Mining and Environment. Originally from Meekatharra and growing up in the rangelands, he trained as a pastoralist and became a partner in Polelle station.  In 1990 he commenced study in environmental science and developed Outback Ecology an environmental consultancy. He assisted David Tongway and Norman Hindley of CSIRO, in the establishment of Ecosystem Function Analysis as a tool for assessing ecosystem development and function in mine rehabilitation throughout Australia.  In 2006 he initiated work on arid land carbon sequestration, which lead to Mark Alchin and Dale Miles joining Outback from 2010 to 2013, when they further advanced the science and commercial potential to sequester carbon across the leasehold lands of WA. A global company MWH acquired Outback in 2013, and he continues in a part time position with MWH, while staying engaged in global change in mine closure practice, renewable energy, and the sustainable management and use of Australia’s arid lands. 

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